Trendy Tots can customize any color headband with any flower(s) that you want! Take a look around! We have a pretty basic shipping fee of about $4.00

Monday, February 25, 2013


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Trendy Tots!

Ballerina Flowers/Rose Mesh Mini

White, Hot Pink, Black, Purple, Mint, Light Pink
Please choose color/quantity

We only have the Aqua and Hot Pink left.
These are the perfect size for infants!
Please choose color/quantity

Chiffon Rosetts

Please choose color.
Orange (1)
Blue (1)
Black (1)
Dark Purple (1)
Light Purple (1)
Hot Pink (1)
Light Pink (1)
Brown (1)
White (1)
Navy (1)

Please choose color/quantity

Shabby Flowers

There are only a few of each color!
White  (1)
Red (1)
Orange (1)
Yellow (1)
Green (1)
Mint (1)
Purple (1)
Black (3)
Light Pink (2)
Hot Pink (1)
Brown (1)

Please choose color/quantity

Shabby Bows

Add the LARGE SHABBY bows
Black (2)  White (3) Light Blue (1) Ivory (1) Black and White (1) Blue (2) Black and White Polkadot (1)

Please choose color/quantity
Add the SMALL SHABBY bows
Pink (2) Black (2) Ivory (1) Leopard (2)

Please choose color/quantity

Lace Flowers

Check out these adorable lace flowers! They can spice up any outfit! If you have any questions please contact us at
Only one of each color available 
White, Light Purple, Green, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Red, Orange, Dark Purple, Mint Blue

Please choose color/quantity

Hair bow Holders

Here is a few of our custom hair bow holders.
Do you want a specific pattern or color? 
Please let us know! 
Only $8.00!